1962 Harley Davidson Pan Head Duo Glide

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What came in for a simple Clean & Revive service turned into quite an epic journey. In fact, it turned into almost a complete restoration.

When we first collected the Pan Head it looked to be in reasonable condition and it wasn’t unit we started to remove the tins (mudguards, fuel tanks etc) that we realised that someone had been ‘at’ this bike before.

Harley Davison used imperial threaded screws and bolts when they built this bike but the animals that had done what they’d done had simply forced metric threads into imperial holes. Whilst it may have gone together with a little extra force it certainly wasn’t going to come apart that easily.

After much cutting, drilling and snapping we had the thing stripped down, leaving just the engine and frame, which we soaked in our special sauce (cleaning agent) and left it to do it’s thing.

For the most part the chrome was in reasonable condition and some metal polished mixed with elbow grease soon bought back the lustre. Alas, the painted parts were a different story.

What had been painted previously had been poorly executed and we found layer upon layer so deep that the original detailed shape of the metal had been lost. Worse still, once stripped, we found the twin fuel tanks resembled colanders they were so full of holes.

The rotten and rusted metal was cut away, original shapes and details fabricated, and new metal sections TIG welded in. After pressure testing the tanks the tins were given to our wonderful paint specialists who worked their magic to bring the stunning results we see here.

After deep cleaning the engine and frame we began reassembling all the shiny parts – something of a joy as this bike was laden with parts from American tuning maestros, S&S.

Once reassembled with all the correct screws and bolts and with a freshly services engine and braking system, we were able to deliver this ’62 Pan back to its happy owner.

Deep joy.